About me

Hello, I am Victor Pearson and I am a Programmer at work and a gambler in my spare time. I started gambling in 2012, on an online website because some of my friends were having a great time playing together. I joined them because it seemed fun to enjoy a nice game together, but I later found myself spending hours in front of the computer, trying different games. I played card games, slot machines, and I even participated in a few tournaments.

At first, I was playing for fun. I used to work up to 10 or 11 hours every day and I needed something to enjoy and take my mind off of work-related issues. I started winning more and after a while, I started spending less time at the office. I make enough cash from gambling and I don’t need the extra hours at work. I can enjoy life more and I can have fun while winning prizes.

I was so excited and so in love with the gambling world that I wanted to learn more about it and now I want to give back and help new players understand how everything works and how they can make more money too. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you and vice-versa.